Bird Control & Prevention

Birds such as pigeons, seagulls, crows and rooks can cause health-related problems through their droppings including cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis and psittacosis. Their droppings apart from being unhealthy and unsightly can also cause corrosive damage to buildings and machinery costing individuals and businesses expensive clean up and repair costs.

Bird Control Methods

BIRD NETTING. Netting is one of the most successful methods of bird control. Nets can cover small vulnerable areas or features or if required entire elevations of buildings.

POINT SYSTEMS. Point systems have pointed spikes or wires that deter birds from landing, they come in a range of different styles to suit different situations. Point systems are only useful against pigeons, however heavy duty versions are available for gulls.

BIRD WIRE SYSTEMS. Bird wire systems have thin, stainless steel wire that is tensioned by a spring and are used to prevent pigeons and gulls from landing on ledges, gutters or pipes.

SHOOTING. City Pest Control have a certified marksman for bird shoots.

REPELLENTS & SCARING DEVICES. Both of these bird control methods protect crops or buildings without removing birds from the population by killing them. Repellents are normally chemical substances that offend the birds sense of taste or smell. Scaring devices frighten birds by acting on the birds visual / audio senses.

BIRD FREE® OPTICAL GEL. Bird Free® Optical Gel is an innovative bird control system that is quick, easy to use and is very effective. Bird Free keeps all pest birds off structures without harming them, whilst maintaining the aesthetics of the structure.