Pest Control for Warehousing

Proper pest prevention procedures are essential to avoiding a pest control problem in warehousing.

Having a professional pest management program in place is an integral part of warehouse management and general maintenance procedure. Usually containing stored goods, including food, ready for distribution, proper pest prevention measures along with good sanitation is vital to avoiding damage and contamination of goods due to a pest infestation.

Common warehouse pests are insects such as weevils, beetles and moths; rodents, especially rats and birds. All of these pests are problematic, some more than others, and need to be dealt with swiftly to avoid damage or contamination to stock.

If you need a professional pest management program put in place for your business, City Pest Control can service anything from small single location businesses, to large multi-location operations.

City pest control have over 25 years experience in commercial pest control. if you would like more information on pest control for your business please Contact us.