Wasp Control & Prevention

The Common Wasp (Vespula vulgaris) and German Wasp (Vespula germanica) form nests in roof spaces, wall cavities, trees and in soil banks. When nests are close to or within buildings they can become a serious problem, wasps have a painful sting which on rare occasions can be lethal. Wasps can also carry the risk of disease from feeding on rotten food.

Habitat & Distribution

Both the common and german wasp are found throughout Ireland. They are social insects and form colonies inside nests, these colonies only survive one season in Ireland and new ones begin each spring by over-wintered queens. Nests can become very large and are frequently associated with domestic housing.

Wasp Control

Where a wasps nest is located away from buildings it may not be necessary to destroy the nest, wasps themselves control many insect pests in gardens. In the case of non-pest wasps and bees, every effort should be made to avoid control treatments on these species because of there role as pollinators.

Wasps in most cases can be easily controlled if there is easy access to the nest. The main aim is to disable the nest using residual insecticide, residual sprays, dusts or aerosols applied to nest entrance sites.

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