Pest Control for the Retail Sector

Poor pest management can have a very damaging effect on retailers of all shapes and sizes.

A professional pest control and prevention program is vital to any retail environment. Retailers rely on their good reputation and creating a good impression on customers and staff alike everyday. A pest problem, no matter how small, can have a very damaging effect on any reputation, this usually results in a loss of business, and in more extreme cases even lead to closure.

Not only do retailers face the risk of loss of business due to poor pest management, some pests can put the health of customers and staff at risk because of the harmful bacteria they carry such as E.coli, salmonella, shigella and staphylococcus.

Once pests are present in a retail environment they can damage stock and the fabric of the building, and in the case of food retailers they can contaminate foodstuffs.

If you need a professional pest management program put in place for your business, City Pest Control can service anything from small single location businesses, to large multi-location operations.

City pest control have over 25 years experience in commercial pest control. if you would like more information on pest control for your business please Contact us.